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A family business


We are a nature loving family that has given up big city life in London for a slower life in the woods in Sweden.
In 2010 we have moved to the countryside here in Småland, and we haven't regretted it once !

Our "previous life" has been in the fast moving fashion industry, and it's so great to have left this chapter behind us.
Now life is about rubber boots and that is amazing.

It took a while to get adapted to "life in the middle of nowhere".

The difference between a city- and a country-life really is so much bigger than one would imagine.
But by now we have gotten used to the fact that it sometimes takes weeks to get hold of tiny things like a little printer cartidge.
  Whereas in London you would just walk out of the door and buy it......somewhere.
Also, people's mentality is very different out in the countryside.
"Procrastination is not at all a thief of time" anymore.

The only thing we sometimes miss out here in the woods is a diverse and international offer of food.
So we have the ambition to create it ourselves.
Our long term plan is to be able to have pop-up dinner nights with food from all over the world,
ideally cooked by people from all over the world.

What do we do in our spare time ?
Well, having a farm means that there is not much spare time. But that doesn't matter work somehow becomes "fun".
However, whenever we do have a free moment, we spend it making new plans and creating new ideas.
Other than that we take trips in our small boat and enjoy the amazing nature that surrounds us here.
We love to fish, hunt, cook, read books, play with our two cats and take photos.
So, life is pretty exiting, even without cinema, theatre, museums and shopping malls.